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Alaminos Dads Read With Their Children

To further improve the reading skills of the grade six pupils in the public elementary schools in the division, the 4th  Division  “Reading with My Dad” contest was conducted in cooperation with the Division of Alaminos City Reading Association (DACRA) at the Alaminos Central School Feb. 21.

In the division competition, the entries were given 20  selections   with    10   comprehension questions each selection for them to read and answer.  The board of judges then selected one story from the 20 selections which served as the basis in writing by the tandem of a parallel story.


In the reading component,  the winners were Robert Paul E. Mapa and Mr. Yomechor Mapa of Alos ES, Ist  place; Charmaine Pascua and  Mr. Clyde Pascua of Victoria ES, 2nd place; Ronmark Supnad and Mr. Alano Supnad of Lucap ES, 3rd place; Paul Anthony Pamo and Mr. Ferdinand Pamo of Bued ES, 4th place; Kathie Lee Berco and Mr. Danilo Berco of Polo ES and Lorraine Mae Velasco and Ramil Velasco tied at 5th place.

The following emerged winners in the writing a parallel story: Kathleen Astronomia and Mr. Ronald Astronomia of Alaminos CS, 1st place: Kathei Lee Berco and Mr. Danilo Berco of Polo ES, 2nd place; Darlene Kay Reynaldo and Mr. Orlando Reynaldo of Telbang ES, 3rd place; Melissa Caniedo and Mr. Ricardo Caniedo, 4th place; and Frances Ann Nacar and Mr. Samuel Nacar of Balayang ES, 5th place.

The winning pupils received a badge bearing the line I am a Reader while their fathers and coaches received certificates.

The annual event, which was personally observed by Br. Armin A. Luistro, secretary of education in its 3rd edition last February 7, 2011, was spearheaded by Dr. Oscar C. Tadeo, asstistant schools division superintendent, officer in-charge, Office of the Schools Division Superintendent.

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OHSP Re-Opens Doors to School Leavers

OHSP Re-Opens Doors to School Leavers

The Don Salustiano Aquino Memorial National High School in its relentless aim to reduce dropout rates, improve learning outcomes, and provide quality education accessible to all, is again offering the Open High School Program (OHSP) to  learners who desire to finish high school outside the formal school structure.

The OHSP is one of the major components of the Dropout   Reduction Program (DORP) of the Department of Education. It is an alternative mode of secondary education to address school dropout issues and cater to learners who are unable to attend the regular class program due to physical impairment, work, financial difficulties, distance of home to school, and other legitimate reasons.

The DSAMNHS is one of the few secondary schools in the Division of Ilocos Norte which are offering OHSP.

The OHSP as a DORP intervention aims to provide opportunity to all high school dropouts to complete secondary education, prevent potential school leavers from dropping out and encourages those who are out of school to finish secondary education, reduce high school dropouts and increase participation rate, and increase achievement rate through quality distance education.

Realizing that the program could be a good answer to curb the yearly decreasing participation rate of the school due to the many constraints faced by students in their family, community and other school related problems,  Mrs. Rizalina T. Manzano, principal,  together with the school DORP team, decided to make the necessary preparations and appropriate actions to implement the program last school year.

Thus, after the attendance of the S-DORP team in the division orientation on the proper implementation of the program, they were set to adopt the Open High School Program.

They, therefore, did the following: submitted a Letter of Intent (LOI) addressed to the Schools Division Superintendent to open OHSP with copies furnished to the Regional Office and the Director of the Bureau of Secondary Education; underwent a capacity training; made available learning facilities and equipment in the school; and informed the parents and the local government about the program. Thus, an information campaign was made during the Brigada Eskwela Plus in May to inform interested learners.

Through the approval of Dr. Cecilia Pacis-Aribuabo, schools division superintendent; Education Program Supervisor Dr. Jurlita U. Basuel, division DORP coordinator; and Education Program Supervisor Mr. Felicisimo Nelson D. Luz, monitoring supervisor, the OHSP was formally opened. Hence, a management structure support team was formed to organize, design, and implement the school OHSP through setting the targets and choosing appropriate intervention methods with each DORP team member given a separate and different role to perform for the success of the program.

Through the surveys and advocacy campaign made by the DORP team, a total of 28 students were enrolled during its first year of implementation, so far the biggest number of OHSP students in the division.

Under the OHSP, schedule of classes is flexible, depending on the time decided by teachers and students. The DSAMNHS however, has standardized its schedule by making them report to school every Tuesday.

After the opening of classes, the students are oriented on the background and objectives of the program by the school principal. Books are then issued by the designated supply officers. Then they are  made to fill out the learners’ profile and sign the learners’ agreement. They are evaluated using the Independent Learning Readiness Test (ILRT) and Informal Reading Inventory (IRI) to diagnose   their    capacity    for     independent training and reading levels as basis for class grouping.

To intensify the program as a tool for distance learning, subject teachers use downloadable modules of Project Effective Alternative Secondary Education (EASE) of the Bureau of Secondary Education of the DepEd. The contents are similar to those of the textbooks used by regular students. These modules are brought home   by   the   students for their self- study which allow them to continue their lessons and classroom activities during their own convenient  time. Assignments are also given ahead of time and students are required to submit their outputs upon returning to school.

The OHSP is formal and structured. Thus, the students need to learn the eight core subjects and graduate by completing the four levels of secondary education. The grading system is the same as that of the regular program. Fourth year students in the OHSP also graduate with the regular fourth year students at the end of the school year.


The school also ties up with the Alternative Learning System (ALS) of the District to prepare the students for the accreditation test. Under the ALS program, the learners who are dropouts and 15 years old and above and who can pass the exam will be given a diploma certifying that they have finished high school.

Regular monitoring of the Division DORP Coordinator also contributes to the success of the program.  Reports are also required to monitor the progress of the program. As a result, the first year of the OHSP was indeed fruitful and productive. All the 28 enrollees were promoted to the higher year. The six fourth year students graduated with the regular fourth year students last April.  Aside from the six graduates, there were four students who passed the ALS examination and are now ready to go to college.

This year, the enrollment increased to 30 students. Starting last June 7, the school strictly observed the guidelines of the program. The students are undergoing the same procedure undergone by the first group of OHSP students. Schedule of classes are also the same and modules are also utilized to facilitate learning.

Now in its second year of operation, it is hoped that with the help of the stakeholders and the assurance of funding for the program, problems on logistics will be minimized.

The following are some stories and testimonies of the OHSP students:

Arthuro V. Vidad, Jr., a first year OHSP student said, “The program is a new blessing, a new hope, and a second opportunity to us. Hence, we should grab it, or else, we will not be given another chance again.”

With the timely birth of the OHSP, Arthuro found his way back to school. He took a deep breath as he reminisced the dark moments of his life-the time when he was out of school. He was still a freshman when he dropped out from school because he took care of his ailing mother. His father was so cruel to him and his siblings. He longed for affirmation that he would be loved, cared, and wanted. The death of his mother dampened his spirit and his dreams were torn into pieces. He went with bad peers and  spent time in computer shops playing on- line games. Until one day, his neighbors and friends told him about the OHSP offered by the Don Salustiano Aquino Memorial National High School. Agustina A. Tomas, a third year student stopped going to school due to the influence of bad peers. Then, she married at an early age, followed by the birth of her children. These conditions would have hindered her from continuing her high school education. Her dreams would have vanished.  Fortunately, they did not. Under the OHSP, Agustina pursued her studies and managed her time wisely. Since her schedule demanded her to report to school only on Tuesdays, she could still help her husband earn a living and spend  time with her children.

Agustina, a nursing mother even brought her four-month old baby in school. “The principal and teachers are so accommodating. They attend to my baby’s needs while I am having my class,” she said.

Sheenalyn R. Alburo and Junn Suna Cabaña did not survive schooling due to many trials at home. They developed low self-esteem and found refuge under the care of their peers who later on influenced them to engage in social pitfalls. Luckily, their close relatives helped them to live a new life and encouraged them to enroll in the program.

“It’s embarrassing to go to school because I’m already over-aged but through the OHSP, I am regaining my self-confidence. We are only few in class so all of us can participate in the discussions,” Sheenalyn disclosed.

Paul Vincent A. Salvador, an assistant make-up artist and wedding coordinator, Jay Mhar Prudenciano, and Efren O. Nantes O. Nantes, construction workers, can still work while studying. They were forced to stop because they needed to help their parents augment their income.

“The OHSP is for time and money-savers,” Paul Vincent said. “I also noticed that teachers are so focused in our lessons. They need not worry about our discipline because we are few. So, our class is more manageable than the regular class,” he added.

Efren promised to himself that he would finish his education. He started working when he was still very young.  He experienced extreme poverty and he would not want his future children to experience the same.

Farming is the primary means of livelihood in Piddig and other nearby towns. Many students just like Francis A. Bautista, Marcos L. Dela Cruz, Rex C. Gaoiran, and Jessie Boy V. Baron cannot report to school regularly because they need to help their parents during the planting and harvesting seasons. Hence, they prefer the OHSP because learning is facilitated by modules.

“The modules are full of interesting lessons and enrichment activities. Lectures are easier to understand than textbooks because they are self-directed,” said Jojo S. Marcelino.  He further said, “The program is impartial and fair. Whatever the regular students do, we also do it in class.”

“There is a sense of belongingness and freedom in our class. We can voice out our sentiments and treat each other as one family,” Jaykell T. Sacramento said.

Christ Mae Nicolas, who is looking forward to receive her diploma in March said, “The OHSP opens doors for me to various opportunities. I can go to college next school year.”

Edwin B. Manuel, a fourth year student said, “In March, I hope to graduate with the regular students.”

Truly, everyone deserves a second chance.


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New high school opens in Alaminos City

New high school opens in Alaminos City

A new high school, the Ildefonso Quimson Community High School (IQCHS) opened in Brgy. Tawin-tawin, Alaminos City to provide free secondary education to the children of financially challenged families in the area.

Top city government and division DepEd officials, barangay leaders, teachers, parents and other stakeholders attended the blessing and formal opening ceremony of the eighth public high school in the City Schools Division of Alaminos in the morning of June 6.

The opening of IQCHS is hailed by many as the fulfillment of the city’s dream of ensuring that Alaminians have access to secondary education. This is seen as a solution to the difficulty of many families from the cluster C barangays in Alaminos in sending their children to high school due to distance and financial reasons.

In the past, a number of children from a predominantly farming community were out of school because their families could not afford to pay six to eight thousand pesos a year for transportation of every child.

On its first years of operation, IQCHS which is initially opened for first year students will be supported and maintained by the city government until it is granted a nationalized status by the DepEd. It is expected to expand in the coming years when it is ready to admit second to fourth year enrollees to serve the community better.

Among the other barangays that will benefit from the IQCHS are Brgy. Amangbangan, Brgy. Sta. Maria, Brgy. Landoc, and Brgy. Dulacac.


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Dr. Orlanda retires; Dr. Pagatpatan is OIC

Dr. Orlanda retires; Dr. Pagatpatan is OIC

Dr. Elva Lois T. Maglaya-Orlanda, chief of the Elementary Education Division (EED) of DepEd Region I retired last July 15.

Asked about her message to all educators during her last audience with the Division Communications Officers of Region 1, she cited Psalms 20-21 and threw the challenge of these lines to all: “Go with confidence in the name of the Lord.  When you pray to the Lord and have the assurance that He hears and will answer, then you can go with confidence – regardless of the outcome.” In short, she has this to say: “Go with confidence in the name of the Lord and, get ready for the showdown,” which is self-explanatory.

Likewise, she stressed the value of humility which every public servant and official must have.  She said, “It always pays to be humble.  When you are holding a key position, make sure that your feet are rooted to the ground.”

Dr. Orlanda rose from the ranks, starting as Elementary Grades Teacher for six years, Division Music Coordinator for three years, Head Teacher for one year, Education Supervisor 1 for Music, Division of La Union, for one year, Private Schools Area Supervisor of the Higher Education Division for nine years, Assistant EED Chief for seven years, Education Supervisor for Physical Education School and Sports Division (PESSD) for six years, and finally as Chief of the EED for nine years.

She finished her Doctor of Education at Baguio Central University, Master of Arts in Education major in Administration and Supervision at Lyceum of Baguio, Baguio City, and her Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education at the University of the East, Manila.

She is an educator whose passion for music has greatly inspired her to achieve at all means. Thus, she was granted a Certificate in Music Education at the University of the Philippine Conservatory of Music at Diliman,  Quezon City.  She subsequently produced a work text titled Music Teaching Made Easy, widely used by college students of music and as a reference book for secondary and elementary school teachers.

She attended the 3rd Sub-Regional Southeast Asian Teacher Training Workshop on Using Art to Teach about World Heritage held in Penang, Malaysia in January 2006.

She also presented a paper on the Use of Lingua Franca in Public Schools during the NAKEM International Conference held at the University of Hawaii, USA in November 2006.

In a related development, Dr. Vivian Pagatpatan, Assistant Chief, has been designated as Officer-in-Charge of the division. Pagatpatan earlier took over the post left by Dr.  Bartolome Teneza, who has been recently appointed as Chief of the Office of the School Sports Program and Events (OSSPE) of Region 1.

Pagatpatan, 41, is one of the youngest to be appointed to the position. She comes from a family of educators.   Her parents Samson G. Pagatpatan and the late Carlita A. Sanidad, are both retired public school administrators.  She joined the Department of Education in 1989 as Manager of the Regional Educational Learning Center (RELC).  In 1993, she was promoted as Human Resource Management Officer III, in charge of training, then as Education Supervisor II in 2000. In 2008, she became the Assistant  Chief of the Alternative Learning System of Region 1.

She finished Bachelor of Science in Hotel and Restaurant Management (BSHRM) at the Don Mariano Marcos Memorial State University, San Fernando City, La Union and her Master of Business Administration at Adamson University, Manila and Master of Public Administration at Saint Louis College, San Fernando City, La Union. In 2009, she also completed a Basic Management Course at the Asian Institute of Management (AIM) as a scholar of the Department of Education.  In 2010, she studied at Hiroshima University, Japan, with actual field immersion at Phuket and Bangkok, Thailand as a scholar of Japan International Cooperating Agency (JICA)  on Non-formal and Informal Education in Asia: Solution Generation. She completed this course third among 17 scholars representing various Asian countries.

In 2005, her anti-corruption essay entry “Honesty: From a Timid Pinch to a Knockout Punch” won the second prize for the Office of the Ombudsman’s campaign against corruption. In the same competition, her anti-corruption slogan entry won the first prize.  Her slogan says it all: “Nations fall. Governments disappear. Corruption. Take it out before it takes us out.” All these competitions are national in scope. Her essay “Capturing the Moment” was included in the top 15 entries on The Filipino as a Liberal: Selected Essays on Liberalism and the Philippine Condition which was subsequently published  in 2006. She was also a presenter of a paper titled “The Ilokano Women in Philippine Politics” during the 2007 Nakem International Conference at the University of Hawaii, USA.

Pagatpatan believes in seizing the moment Carpe diem. With strong support and encouragement from her family, she is determined to pursue the highest level of achievement that she can possibly accomplish.


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‘State-Of-The-Art’ Classrooms Greet Preschoolers

‘State-Of-The-Art’ Classrooms Greet Preschoolers

A “state-of-the-art” seven–classroom school building welcomed North Central preschoolers this school year. The project came to fruition through the support of philanthropist Milagros Ong-How, businesswoman, and Dagupan City Mayor Benjamin S. Lim.

The blessing and inauguration of the building on April 26 was graced by the City Mayor; Ong-How; DepEd officials led by Dr. Alma Ruby C. Torio, schools division superintendent; barangay officials led by Brgy. Capt. Rico C. Mejia; PTA officials; parents; and pupils.

The benefactor stressed that “to harvest a good crop, one must plant good seeds.”

Mayor Lim presented voluminous school learning kits and called a Jollibee Mascot who brought hamburgers and drinks.

Turnover of the second wave of kindergarten supplies was held on May 27, with the City Mayor handing them to the Superintendent and Mrs. Alicia Quimboy, North Central School Principal.

Lim informed that the project is just the beginning. He said East Central Integrated School will be the next recipient of the same.


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Candon Gr.1 Pupils Get Bags, Raincoats

Candon Gr.1 Pupils Get Bags, Raincoats

In 2005, the Candon City government started giving school bags with school materials such as notebooks, papers, pencils, scissors and erasers to Grade One pupils in public schools in the city.

This school year, the school children were also given raincoats.

The bags are made by members of a non-government organization in Candon, the Alay sa Hanap Buhay,  whose members are mostly housewives.

“We will continue distributing bags and school supplies because it is one way of encouraging pupils to pursue  their  education  especially  at  the  start of their educational climb,”   Mayor Allen Singson says.


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Imee Gives School Repair Materials, Financial Assistance To Students

Imee Gives School Repair Materials, Financial Assistance To Students

Ilocos Norte Governor Imee Marcos  has donated school repair materials and financial aids to needy schools and students in her efforts to realize the EFA Millennium Development Goals (MDG) of providing universal education and eradicating poverty recently.

The recipients of the said repair materials were chosen after the visits of designated engineers from the Provincial Government of Ilocos Norte (PGIN) to all the schools of the province last year.  The granting of assistance for school repair is just one of the numerous projects of the present administration to address education concerns of the province.   It is worthy to note that two sections in the provincial organization have been added to address the MDG-the  MDG Council and the Education Department-specifically  for the attainment of universal education and the eradication of poverty.

Forty one schools were given the said repair materials in separate schedules before the start of the school year with Governor Imee Marcos literally bringing the materials to the schools. The turn-over programs were attended by the officials of the Local Government Units (LGU), Department of Education and PTA and parents.  In these programs, she pledged her all-out support to all schools and urged the cooperation of all those present as she stressed, “Education of the young is a primary concern of my administration. I appeal to you, teachers and parents, to see that we provide our children quality education to prepare them for this highly competitive world.”

The materials were in the forms of cement, galvanized iron sheets, plywood, wood, etc. depending on the need of each school.   Along this line, the principals and PTA officers of the school recipients thanked the Governor for the donations, with the latter offering self-help in actualizing the repairs which followed immediately.  To this writing, the schools are through with the repairs in time for the opening of classes.

In an interview with Dr. Aris Reynold  V.  Cajigal, consultant for Special Projects in Education and instructor of MMSU-College of Teacher Education, he disclosed, “The next schedule for the distribution of school repair materials is coming.”  Moreover,  Gov.  Marcos has assured the school   and municipal officials that she will attend to all the requests that reach her office in due time.

In a recent development, 8,223 Iskolar ni Manang Imee indigent students/pupils were given financial support for school fees.


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DepEd RO-I Bags Red Orchid Award

DepEd RO-I Bags Red Orchid Award

DepEd RO-I, under the watch of Director Ligaya Soledad T. Miguel, is fast becoming an icon for environmental protection and healthy workplace. A special citation called the 2011 Red Orchid Award was recently presented to the Regional Office in recognition of its initiative and active participation in the National Seach for 100% SMOKE FREE GOVERNMENT OFFICES.

DepEd RO-I was among the 91 DOH-recognized Center of Health and Development, a band of ecological warriors made up of LGUs and other government agencies, given special recognition during the celebration of World NO TOBACCO Day last May 31 at the Crown Plaza Galleria Manila, Pasig City for implementing the 100% Smoke-Free Givernment Office initiative.

The Red Orchid Award is a special project of the Department of Health. It is given as a recognition to those who respond positively, install necessary policies, and implement direct action to the call of achieving 100% smoke-free offices, schools, public places, local government units, and other institutions where people converge. A long-time advocate of a clean environment, Director Miguel issued a region-wide memorandum in 2007 imposing a no-smoking rule to be observed in all DepEd offices and school environs to officially stamp a smoke free initiative.

The Red Orchid award criteria are:

  • Monitoring of tobacco use and installation of prevention policies;
  • Initiatives to protect people from the effects of smoking;
  • People-to-People interaction as a strategy to help smokers quit tobacco use;
  • Actions taken to warn people about the dangers of smoking; and
  • Enforcement of bands on tobacco advertising, promotion, and sponsorship.

The Red Orchid is a primus inter pares award, meaning, it is the first among equals. It is the highest award given in this particular search. It is followed by the second highest award, The Pink Orchid, and o the third tier, the White Orchid. The award was received by DepEd RO-I Budget/Finance Chief and Administrative Officer V. Bettina D. Aquino.

In the same month and during the PALARONG PAMBANSA 2011 in Dapitan City, May 8-14, the Ilocos Regional Athletic Association delegation headed by director Miguel was likewise cited as “Environmental Warriors” when it went out of its way to plant more than a thousand bakawan seedlings in a mangrove sanctuary area along the banks of Pajo River in Dapitan City. It was the only athletic delegation who engaged in a “protect our environment” initiative during the 2011 PALARO.

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Part of the K to 12 Basic Education Program implementation effort is the development of instructional resources aligned to the goals and objectives of today’s DepEd banner program. To this end, Region 1 pool of K to 12 champions got themselves actively involved in the contextualization of Grade 3 Learners’ Materials (LMs).
City of San Fernando (La Union) – In support with the Department of Education (DepEd)’s drive on ensuring the quality of education in the country, DepEd R-I chaired by Dir. Teresita M. Velasco regulates fast tracking on filling up remaining Teaching Positions in the region.
Lucky Joy T. Miguel, a native of Binacag, Banna, Ilocos Norte, finished her race and earned a special award during the recently concluded 8th Graduation Day of the Alternative Learning System (ALS), a free education program of the Department of Education (DepEd) on July 4, 2015 at San Nicolas Central Elementary School, Ilocos Norte.