RO 1 Directory

Office of the Regional Director

Dir. Teresita M. Velasco
Regional Director
Tel. No. (072) 607-81-37 / Fax No. (072) 607-81-36
Email Add: /


Office of the Assistant Regional Director

Mrs. Bettina Daytec-Aquino
Assistant Regional Director
Tel./Fax No. (072) 607-81-43


Legal Unit

Atty. Florimae L. Dangli
Attorney III
Tel.No. (072) 607-81-26


cesar bPublic Affairs Unit 

Mr. Cesar S. Bucsit 
Administrative Officer V
Tel.No. (072) 607-81-43

sam_20150813_0001Information and Communication Technology Unit

Mr. Sammy C. Legaspi 
Information Technology Officer I
Tel.No. (072) 607-81-37


Finance Division

Mr. Arnold I. Vino  
Chief Administrative Officer
Tel. No. (072) 607-81-29


stock-vector-anonymous-male-profile-picture-147778556Accounting Section 

Mrs. Catherine N. Esquida
Accountant III
Tel.No. (072) 607-81-29


stock-vector-anonymous-male-profile-picture-147778556Budget Section 

Mrs. Susan A. Villanueva 
Budget Officer II – OIC, Budget Officer III
Tel.No. (072) 607-81-29


PUGAL, ROLANDO A.Payroll Section 

Mr. Rolando A. Pugal 
Senior Bookkeeper
Tel.No. (072) 607-81-42


Curriculum & Learning Management Division

Dr. Vivian Luz S. Pagatpatan
Chief Education Supervisor
Tel. No. (072) 607-81-41


Learning Resource Management and Development Center 



Human Resource Development Division

Dr.Dinah C. Bonao
Education Program Supervisor – OIC, Office of the Chief Education Supervisor
Tel. No. (072) 607-81-39


stock-vector-anonymous-male-profile-picture-147778556NEAP – R1 




MACOB, MARCELLI G.Field Technical Assistance Division

Dr. Marceli G. Macob 
Chief Education Supervisor
Tel. No. (072) 607-81-39


stock-vector-anonymous-male-profile-picture-147778556Quality Assurance Division

Mr. Oscar P. Flores 
Chief Education Supervisor
Tel. No. (072) 607-81-83


CECILIA P ROSIDOPolicy, Planning and Research Division

Dr. Cecilia P. Rosido 
Chief Education Supervisor
Tel. No. (072) 607-81-42


Education Support Services Division

Mr. Jesus R. Lopez
Chief Education Supervisor
Tel. No. (072) 607-81-31


stock-vector-anonymous-male-profile-picture-147778556Health and Nutrition Section 




stock-vector-anonymous-male-profile-picture-147778556Education Facilities Section   

Engr. Celso C. Manangan   
Engineer III
Tel.No. (072) 242-78-31


dariusSpecial Programs & Project Section  

Mr. Darius C. Nieto  
Project Development Officer IV
Tel.No. (072) 242-78-31




Administrative Division 




stock-vector-anonymous-male-profile-picture-147778556Personnel Section 

Human Resource Officer III
Tel.No (072) 607-81-33


Asset Management Section

Mrs. Erlinda C. Estoque
Supply Officer III
Tel.No. (072) 242-78-67


Cash Section 

Mrs. Erlinda C. Estoque
Supply Officer III
Tel.No. (072) 607-81-38



Mrs. Gracia Ruth Custudio 
Records Officer III
Tel.No. (072) 607-81-25


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Part of the K to 12 Basic Education Program implementation effort is the development of instructional resources aligned to the goals and objectives of today’s DepEd banner program. To this end, Region 1 pool of K to 12 champions got themselves actively involved in the contextualization of Grade 3 Learners’ Materials (LMs).
City of San Fernando (La Union) – In support with the Department of Education (DepEd)’s drive on ensuring the quality of education in the country, DepEd R-I chaired by Dir. Teresita M. Velasco regulates fast tracking on filling up remaining Teaching Positions in the region.
Lucky Joy T. Miguel, a native of Binacag, Banna, Ilocos Norte, finished her race and earned a special award during the recently concluded 8th Graduation Day of the Alternative Learning System (ALS), a free education program of the Department of Education (DepEd) on July 4, 2015 at San Nicolas Central Elementary School, Ilocos Norte.